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Colonel Mark A. Bruce


Kansas Highway Patrol

Equipping Our Officers

I am committed to

providing the very

best equipment to

our officers.


The Kansas Highway Patrol has now been in existence for

80 years. Eighty years of tradition have guided and shaped

the professional agency that we are today. While we honor

the traditions, one thing the Patrol prides itself on is how

we equip our officers.

One of the commitments the lieutenant colonel and I take very seriously is to provide

the very best equipment to our officers. For the past two and a half years, there has always

been some equipment enhancing or acquisition project underway, or at least at some point

of the planning stage. This year is no different, as we work to keep the technology and

equipment we use as current as possible.

For the past nine months, the Patrol has been exploring options and evaluating new

sidearms to replace our duty weapon. The current Glock 21SF was issued in 2009 and is

nearing the end of its lifespan. This spring, a group of 25 KHP officers, from the trooper,

MCI, and Capitol Police ranks spent four days testing several guns. They shot during both

daytime and nighttime hours, and field tested five different weapons. While we continue

to look into what our next step should be, the sidearm is something of utmost importance,

as it relates to officer safety, and we’ll continue to search for what is the best fit for our


Prior to year’s end, all KHP law enforcement officers from the rank of lieutenant

and below will be issued new body armor. This will be Level 3 body armor with a

tactical carrier. It will provide protection from rifle fire, which is not afforded by the

soft body armor currently worn. We are happy to be able to provide our personnel who

are out working every day with a safer alternative, considering all of the situations law

enforcement has been encountering involving high powered rifles.

Most patrol cars will be fitted with push bumpers in the near future. The push

bumpers will help prevent front end damage associated with animal strikes. They also

could potentially minimize the damage associated with employing the use of a tactical

vehicle intervention (TVI) as well.

Our officers were all issued new MDUs this spring. These MDUs run quicker and

are more rugged for the type of work we do. During the issuance of the MDUs, new

docks also had to be installed in patrol cars to accommodate the change in equipment.

I am happy to report that things went very smoothly with this project, even with our IT

department being down several employees.

At any given time in an agency of our size, there are multiple projects underway and

updates ongoing. My commitment is to continually be evaluating howwe can better equip

our personnel, and what equipment will best meet the needs of our diverse agency.

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