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o n n e c t i o n

FALL 2015

issues pending as well that Jason covers.

The Missouri EMS Funeral Response Team

is exploring sites in the state to establish an EMS

Memorial for those who have paid the ultimate price.

If you have ideas about a site or a design, we can put

you in touch with the right people.

We want to thank Richard Cotter (SW) and Marc

Carr (Central) for having served as MEMSA board

members. Their service was much appreciated.

We welcome Denny Baier (SW) and Trista Corbin

(Central) as new board members. The past year has

been a year of dynamic transitions for MEMSA. We

appreciate the leadership of the past officers and look

forward to continuing to chart new waters for the



Missouri EMS Connection

magazine has been

a wonderful new adventure. It has great content and

great presentation. We are thankful our editor, Mary

Napier, does such a great job with minimal help from


We know our membership process and our website

needs lots of help to make them better. We have started

working on both.

Please engage with your professional organization,

MEMSA. We are here to represent the EMS personnel

working on the front line every day. We are motivated

to meet your needs, but we can’t do more than guess

what those needs are unless you tell us. It is time to tell

us what you are thinking.

Be careful and go home safe.

Nobody Beats ZOLL When it Comes to CPR

CPR quality is crucial. In systems that have focused on improving CPR quality, both in and out of the hospital, survival rates

from sudden cardiac arrest have doubled, or even tripled.


When it comes to assisting rescuers in providing the best CPR

possible, no one is more experienced or can offer you as much as ZOLL.


Bobrow BJ, et al.

Ann Emerg Med

. 2013 Jul;62(1):47–56. Epub 2013 Mar 7.


Sell RE, et al.


. 2009;120 (18 Supplement): S1441.

©2014 ZOLL Medical Corporation. MCN EP 1401 0031

For more information

call 1-800-804-4356 or

visit us at

Across the Board

Helping you deliver high-quality CPR


Missouri EMS Connection

is calling on you to make a


We are accepting submissions from pas-

sionate EMS professionals who would like to share their

expertise or have a subject of interest. A new submission

policy was approved by the magazine editorial board

in July 2015. Before you submit, please download and

review the

Missouri EMS Connection

Submission Policy at .

Missouri EMS Connection

is also looking for profession-

als to serve as editorial reviewers in the following areas:

clinical, education, administration/management, and

ambulance operations/logistics. Thank you in advance for

your enthusiasm and support. We look forward to your


If you have any questions, contact our editor Mary Napier

at .

What contribution will you make?